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500+ Shots - Liquor Shot Companion

4.9 ( 1709 ratings )
Style de vie Cuisine et boissons
Développeur Arborsky LLC
2.99 USD

500+ Shots is the ultimate shot guide for the iPhone / iPod Touch.

How many times have you been at a bar and had a hard time deciding on what shot to take? Nothing gets the drinks flowing faster than a solid knowledge of shots. Let 500+ be your shot companion.


* Includes more than 500 shots complete with recipes and mixing instructions.

* Easily browse shots using an intuitive and gorgeous user interface.

* Shots are organized by name and liquor type.

* Ability to search all shots using a responsive search system.

* Get the party started by letting 500+ Shots select a random shot for you. 500+ Shots has a built-in super-awesome RANDOM SHOT GENERATOR. Shake your phone and a random shot is magically selected for you.

* This app is THE ULTIMATE ICEBREAKER! Simply start the 500+ Shots drink randomizer, hand your phone to a hottie, tell her to shake it, and BAM! The ice is broken.

* Become the center of attention at every party!

* All of the shots are stored right in your iPhone / iPod Touch so no Internet connection / WiFi connection is needed to use 500+ Shots.



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